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Hauxwell stars on the national stage

Dragonflyers’ Izzy Hauxwell produced an inspired display on the national stage to prove she is one of the best trampolinists of her age in the country.


Hauxwell was one of a small team from the Bognor Regis-based team to take part in the first national league competition at Cardiff Metropolitan University.


With Dragonflyers’ pre-competition training not going well due to school exams and health issues, coach Linda O’Leary said she had reduced expectations.


But these were quickly exceeded when Hauxwell pulled out two stunning performances to finish in fourth position in the 13/14 yrs level two (l2).


Finally, finishing in seventh overall, this sees her take 50 points towards the national finals.


Also competing were Rosie Budge and Lucy Hijmans, who both participated in their first league event l3.


Despite the nerves, they produced good showings to place them in the top half of their categories.


Sofija Kalnicenko came back from a disappointing set to pull out a 7.1 tariff in the voluntary routine that was the sixth highest ranked in the 13/14 yrs l2; while Anya Johnston’s set was the third ranked in 15/16 yrs l2.


Budge, Hauxwell, Johnston and Libby Morton all represent the south next week in Birmingham at the regional ream finals.


Dragonflyers now offer recreational sessions on Monday evening for anyone interested in trampolining lessons.

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