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New seafront loos for next summer

NEW TOILETS are set to be opened on Bognor Regis seafront by next summer.


Senior Arun District Council officer Denise Vine said the permanent above-ground loos were planned for the next holiday season. But she said no funding existed to move the bandstand – a move which has prompted sizeable protests from residents living along the seafront.


Mrs Vine, Arun’s group head of economy, told the council’s Bognor Regis regeneration sub-committee on Monday: “Officers are working on this at the moment with design ideas for new toilets. We are moving forward very quickly and will be having discussions with ward councillors.”


As reported, temporary male and female toilets were installed by Arun on the seafront close to the foreshore officer early last month. They are a short-term replacement for the underground sites Arun has closed because of vandalism and the high cost of maintenance.


The new toilets are part of a seafront strategy backed by councillors last year. This included the prospect of moving the bandstand to Waterloo Square Garden.


But Mrs Vine said the proposal for the Grade II-listed structure was far from being put into effect.


“We are talking about options rather than saying it is going to happen,” she said. “We need to look at how much it is going to cost. If it is very expensive, it will not happen. There are no plans for it to happen at the moment and there is no budget for it.”


Cllr Paul Wells (LD, Hotham) said: “There is a lot of concern from residents. This has clarified the situation and hope it gets the message out to residents there are no plans at the moment.”


Sub-committee chairman Cllr Phil Hitchins (C, Aldwick W) said he was angered by the protests staged by residents about the prospect of the bandstand’s relocation.

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  1. Looks like a nice sea-themed design and very much needed. I was shocked at the attitude of the residents opposite! The beach and the prom have been there long before the flats and they seem to think that there should be nothing between them and sea! No lovely coffee shop, no loos…should have picked somewhere else to live then eh! The prom, the facilities and loos are part of the infrastructure that makes it a nice place for EVERYONE, not just the privileged few! If the toilets are discretely hidden, they won’t be used for sure…then they’ll have something to bleat about. Get a life, get the toilets built and get on with modernising Bognor Regis. Nimbys don’t like it, they can move!

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