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Residents call for creation of extra parking spaces

FED-UP residents want parking areas outside their Rose Green homes to be extended.


The neighbours in Pryors Lane said the current sites were too small to cope with the number of cars being owned by people in the area.


One of them, Jan Ribbons, said the situation had seen the grass verges at the road’s northern end at its junction with Nyetimber Lane being damaged by parked vehicles.


“This is a very busy part of the road because we have got the traffic going past on its way to Grove House Surgery, Willowhale Community Centre and Willowhale Library, as well as the buses on the 600 route.


“I know the rest of our estate has parking issues but this area is probably the busiest of the lot because we are the main route through,” she said.


“As I’m talking now, there are three cars parked outside half on the grass and half on the road. Down towards Nyetimber Lane, it looks like a parking lot. There are usually four or five cars parked on that area of grass.”


The residents have approached West Sussex County Council to see if the problem could be solved.


The two laybys in northern Pryors Lane could be increased or a grid placed over the verge to stop parked vehicles damaging the grass.


One layby had space for three cars at both ends, said Mrs Ribbons. The other had room for two vehicles.


Mrs Ribbons has lived in Pryors Lane for 16 years. The situation had worsened in that time because the parking areas she and her neighbours used had been taken away.


“When I moved in, we had parking bays and garages at the back of our homes where the Aldwick Parish Council offices are now,” she said. The space was taken up by the building.


“Our situation was very much like Valentines Gardens still is. But we do not have a road behind us like they do. We have just got a footpath.”


Mrs Ribbons said tenants of Places for People, which owns much of the Willowhale estate, had the option of parking in the large car park behind the community centre and library.


But she added: “If we parked there overnight, and our cars were broken into, we would not be insured because it’s a private car park and not on the public highway.”


A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said: “We have advised the residents to consider applying for a community highway scheme.


“Changes such as this will need to have support from the wider community and the local member, before being submitted for consideration.”


Applications for community schemes to be considered for action can be made via the council’s website.

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