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Advice to beat scams

SCAMS are the subject of visit by two clients a week to a Bognor Regis helppoint and two others.


Advisors at Arun and Chichester Citizen’s Advice are in action throughout the month to stop residents being conned out of amounts into high figures. They were delighted to raise awareness with more than 100 people at the Tesco store in Shripney Road yesterday to mark national scams awareness month.


A spokesman said: “At Citizen’s Advice here in Arun and Chichester, we support clients every week who have either been exploited or are in fear of being exploited because of some uninvited approach by a potential criminal.


“This year, we have supported over 50 clients ranging in age from 22 to 92-year-old. This scourge can affect any of us.


“Criminals try and exploit us all, whether by cold calling at the front door, through the telephone, by text, on the internet or social media.


“The most current scam, targeted at young people, is based on an offer of a loan being made.


“But the only way to get access to the loan is to first pay for an ‘iTune’ or similar vouchers and hand the serial number of these vouchers to the scammer.”


He urged all residents to always be vigilant and turn away any uninvited doorstep seller and only buy from reputable sources.


This month’s campaign by Citizen’s Advice, which also has offices in Littlehampton and Chichester, is aimed at different age groups.


This week’s focus is the middle aged, next week is for young people, with the socially isolated in week beginning July 17 and the over 70s in the last week.


Older people are more likely to be scammed, according to Citizen’s Advice national figures. The average age of reported victims is 75.


“Those aged 61-80 were more likely to victims of investment fraud,” said the spokesman.


“This type of fraud has a huge detriment, with a median loss to victims of £10,500 compared to

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