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New toilets will be ‘distasteful’

FIERCE protests have greeted plans for new toilets on Bognor Regis seafront.


A total of 19 letters of objection have been submitted to Arun District Council about the proposals by yesterday morning.


As reported, Arun wants to spend £200,000 to build the conveniences on the site of the current foreshore office on The Esplanade opposite Walton Avenue.


The loos would replace the now closed underground toilets beneath the seafront and the temporary above ground Portaloos installed in May.


But Esplanade Grande residents, who live on the opposite side of The Esplanade, have reacted furiously to the proposals.


Elisabeth Bemelman has told Arun: “Such a visually dominant toilet block simply does not fit in with a residential area. A third-world country would choose a more discreet location.


“Whoever came up with the idea of a toilet block in this location should get real and reconsider. The significant possibility of serious mishaps on the over-crowded promenade at this location seems to have been overlooked.


“The positioning of the toilet doors on the north side is distasteful and down-market, and indicates a disgraceful lack of consideration for the numerous people living opposite.”


One of her neighbours, Cas Myler, stated in her objection: “The above-ground toilet building is completely unsuited to the proposed location, being totally out of harmony with the local residential area.


“As for the placing of the WC cubicle doors on the north side, directly in the face of all the residents in the apartments opposite – this is beyond belief.


“In summary, this is an abominable and degrading proposal which should never have seen the light of day.”


Fellow residents Linda and Bill Parkes say: “To view people entering and exiting toilets and urinals all day long is unacceptable and clearly demonstrates a total lack of regard for local residents.


“A better design with doors facing south would be a good place to start. As it stands, the temporary structure currently on site is more acceptable.”


The district council’s application seeks to demolish the existing foreshore office to make room for the proposed toilets. The intended building will also include room for a separate beach office with a public information point and first aid facilities.


But Arun has yet to allocate funding for the beach office to be created.


A statement by the council’s planning consultant, Robert Cropper, of Space & Place, says: “The north elevation contains the majority of the access to the buildings…firstly, the strong south-westerly winds can wreak havoc for users opening and closing the self-closing doors and, secondly, the location thrusts the buildings more clearly into the public domain, meaning there is less opportunity for anti-social behaviour.”

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  1. I live in Kings court,and allready you can smell the tolits from the porta-caben,I dont want this here at all.Why cant you rebuild the old toliets as it would not be in view and would be a lot cheapper all round.

  2. Objections from the Esplanade Grande were a foregone conclusion. However, surely the money allocated for this project could be used to reinstate the existing toilets. Who would want to walk all the way from the western end of the esplanade to this site.

  3. Everybody uses the toilet, including you ‘posh’ folk in the flats…get over yourselves and move on!

  4. Existing below the ground simply need an upgrade,thus saving in excess of £200,000 of Council Tax payers money and would be a move welcomed by many and not be a blight on the local community.

  5. The obvious solution would be to rebuild the foreshore office and new toilets adjacent to Butlins car park. That should keep most people happy.

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