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Nyecamp News with Jack Pearce

JUST when things looked like they were settling down at Nyewood Lane, another twist to the Rocks’ situation comes about.


In the latest Q&A behind the scenes at Nyewood, the Post spoke to general manager Jack Pearce, who finds himself in charge of the first team once again – or does he?


The news about Sami must have been a bolt from the blue for the club?


That is a bit of an understatement.


I have to say that we thought we had the blessing of Brighton. But, after it was announced, it turned out that we didn’t have the support of those in the club that matter.


When Sami explained things to us, we were disappointed as do feel there were some positives to him combining both roles. But something in the end had to give.


I do feel sorry for Sami as he had shown some real good qualities in past few weeks but it was not to be.


What will you do for a replacement?


As I’ve said all along, we’ve been really impressed with the feel-good factor in the club.


I’ve been here a long time and it’s rare that we have got this great team spirit. I don’t want to upset that so we will most probably continue with Gary and Dabba. I will do what I have always done and Sami will have some say as captain.


I know it’s not a normal model and I know that will have a few problems going forward. The wish of the players and the management is that we try this first to see where we end up.


I do realise that it may not work and we go into it with our eyes wide open. If it does not work then I will be the first to know.


So are you the manager?


If a final decision is needed, then it will be me making it and it will fall on my head.


Dabba is definitely the coach, Sami definitely the captain, Gary Charman is definitely on the management team and  will have influence on team decisions. I will be someone who has to take the blame.


Will you be in the dugout on Saturday?


I may hand that over to Dabba and Gary as there are far too many other things to be doing in the ground that day.


We’ve had to replenish the food, the bars, sort out the pitch, goals, and nets, all at late notice as were not expecting a match.


There’s a lot going on and I think I will leave it to those two as I will be running around getting everything sorted.


Are you not even tempted?


I wasn’t even supposed to be here, I was supposed to be up at St. George’s Park for a reception of stage one to six clubs. I’ll still probably be up there on the Friday but will make sure I’m back for the game and the early kick off.


It will be hard enough this year. It’s such a tight division and it’s very competitive but we will give it a go.


The players are working very hard and their attitude is good.


With the best will in the world, you could have the best manager but if the players are not up to it then you are nowhere.


What about new signings?


Dan Lincoln I am speaking to. We also have got three or four training with us and they will play on Saturday.


After that, we will make a decision either to sign them or give them opportunity to sign somewhere else.


I still think we have a massive task ahead of us but there’s good team spirit which matters more than most things.

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