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Protest over housing plans

CONSERVATIVE councillors have told their government ‘enough is enough’ when they rebelled against planned homes in Yapton.


The Arun District Council members complained the area was being changed out of recognition because of the continued need to meet the level of housing being imposed by government ministers.


It is likely the council will be forced to agree later this year to 1,000 homes a year until 2031.


It also has to show a five-year housing land supply and can only muster enough sites to meet just under two years’ supply.


Development control committee member Cllr Barbara Oakley (C, Middleton): “This is a development control committee. Yapton has changed out of all recognition.


“I am beginning to get the impression that, whatever the arguments may be in favour of general development, we are being pressed to approve it to partly fulfil the housing needs handed down by the  government and it’s high time as a local planning authority we told government what we think of them. It’s very sad.  I say this as a life-time supporter of Conservative governments and a worker for them.”


The housing targets the government was imposing on Arun would destroy the area, she warned.


Committee member Cllr John Charles (C, Barnham) said: “Overall, we need houses and we have got to have houses.


“This is a conservation area and a nice conservation area as well. I just think this is the wrong area to be used for building houses on.


“It is agricultural land and there are some beautiful houses around there already. This is one step beyond and we have got to make a stand at one stage.”


Cllr Phil Hitchins, (C, Aldwick W) the committee’s vice-chairman, said: “This is not a fight against the government and our housing numbers, which I agree are far too high for this area.


“We can do that for every single planning application that comes up before us for all over Arun.


This is one of the highest quality developments since I became part of planning.”


The protests – and strong comments from neighbours – failed to stop the proposals for 56 homes at Bonhams Field in Yapton being approved. Committee members backed the scheme by Seaward Properties by 8-2, with three abstentions.


The location is next to the Yapton (Main Road) conservation area with nine listed buildings.


Julie Bayley, of Grade II-listed Laburnum Cottage, said: “This is a greenfield site which should not be considered for development.”

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  1. Arun’s ruling Tory Group bears total responsibility for the crisis their evasion and failure has caused over two decades of avoiding this District taking its proper share of meeting housing need. Developers have an easy time because of this, Arun also ensured we sold off half our council house stock thus taking that property out of providing affordable housing. NIMBYS to the core, somewhere else has to bear our share, every argument has been deployed to justify special status which has, sadly, buried real issues. The Ford eco-town, buried by Arun, with a large tract of brownfield at its core, 5000 homes close to rail communication, Now Fontwell gets 400 because ADC muffed it. Get it straight, there is no special pleading, every other area makes similar claims, the need is now at crisis level and no one has any right to insist that people NEEDING home must be denied them. Loss of nice views does not cancel lack of an affordable, decent home which is what should be built not absurd for=developer-profit. Concentrate on meeting our dair share of that priority and stop whinging.

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