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Students rock their school

PERFORMING students had The Regis School rocking to the delight of their audiences.


The talented and hard-working cast staged School of Rock to wow crowds at packed shows in Bognor Regis over three nights this month.


The dedication of the performers, students in technical support roles and performing arts staff was reflected in the quality of the show and the enjoyment of the students during and after each performance.


Sixth former Sid Abell played the lead role, which was made famous by Jack Black in the film. He said: “Getting to play the main role was great.


“It was really fun and so nice to be given that responsibility. It was great to meet new people and see younger students come out of their shells. I was genuinely so proud of them.”


The build-up to the show began last March with an overwhelming response from students who wanted to involved.


This enabled a student technical team, student hair and make-up team and front of house team to be created for the first time to learn about the different aspects of putting on a show alongside the cast from Year 7 to Year 13 and the show band.


All this work came together in the weekend before the performances with a technical rehearsal to put the finishing touches in place. A dress rehearsal in front of primary school students followed the next day.


Jolie Lelliott, the college’s head of performing arts, said: “It has been a real pleasure to watch the students come together and get to know each other, supporting each other throughout every step of the rehearsal process.


“Students have worked so hard and it has been tough because it’s a difficult show but, equally, rehearsals have often been such a laugh.”


She paid special tribute to former pupil Myles Malyon, studying music at higher education level, who came back to play bass in the band for the show.


Current Year 11 student Anna Wisdom also captured the whole process from auditions to performing in film footage that became a short documentary and introductory-style video played before each show.

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