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Joan enjoys her 105th birthday

JOAN Newton celebrated becoming one of the oldest known residents of Bognor Regis by saying: “I’d live my life all over again.”


Joan reached 105 on Wednesday with a homemade cake and a party at Greenways Methodist Home with her fellow residents.


She has lived at the Hawthorn Road home of 42 residents longer than any of her neighbours and is also the oldest of them.


She was taken out for a birthday tea the previous day by her son, Gordon, on one of his regular visits from Dover.


Joan said: “At the moment, it does not feel any different being 105. Sometimes, I go out for walk but it’s nice if I don’t have to.”


One of her favourite destinations is West Dean Gardens, north of Chichester.


She is also a lover of crosswords and crime novels.


Joan was born in Tunbridge Wells and can remember Zeppelins going overhead in the First World War.


She met her husband, Ewart, playing tennis and moved with him to his home town of Chichester in her late 20s. She worked in the district council offices, having been an insurance agent in Kent.


Ewart was also an office worker and the organist at Christ Church in the city. The couple moved to Greenways in 2000 and Ewart passed away about ten years ago.

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