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Number grades add up for Felpham pupils

A NEW grading system didn’t faze Felpham Community College students as their GCSE results placed the school in the top 20 per cent nationally for students’ progress.


With a change in gradings for subjects maths, English language and English literature from the previous A*-C to a new 1-9 ranking, both students and teachers had to adjust to ensure high grades were achieved.


At their results day yesterday it was clear that Felpham’s Year 11 pupils particularly excelled in the subject of maths with five 9 grades (the top result) achieved this year.


Head of maths Maragret Ballentyne was proud of all her students.


She said: “I’m really pleased with the students’ achievements. It’s been difficult with these new grades and not really knowing what to expect.


“It was important that they were all confident and that shows with these results. I’m delighted for our top students who are all coming back next year to study maths at the sixth form.”


One of those students was 16-year-old Oliver Pearce who achieved a 9 for maths, an 8 and 7 in English along with an outstanding 8A*s and a distinction*.


Oliver, from Felpham, was pleased with his results.


“I thought I had done well but I was not expecting the results to be quite this good,” he said.


His peers Amy Elvidge, 16, and Owen Maybey, 16, also achieved high grades in maths.


Amy spoke of her grade 8 in maths, 8 and 7 in English and 6A*s. She said: “I was expecting these grades because I worked really hard.


“I will be coming back to sixth form this year to study maths, further maths, physics and chemistry.”


Owen, from Littlehampton, had also been expecting his results of a 9 in maths, 5 and 6 in English and 6A*s.


“I was quite confident in my exams so I thought I had done well. I’m really pleased with my maths result as it will get me places.


“Next year I will study maths, further maths and computer science,” he said.


For some, though, the grades came as more of a surprise.


16-year-old Isabella Fenton couldn’t believe her high grades of all 7s in maths and English, 6A*s and a 1A and a distinction*.


She said: “I’m so happy. I hoped I had done okay but I was not expecting anything like these grades.


“I will come back next term because I love all the teachers here and they’ve been so great and supportive through it all.”


Friends Georgia Hawkins, 16, and Lizzie Broggi, 16, celebrated together.


Georgia said: “We’re both so happy. I’m really pleased with my 6 in maths.”


Teachers and students alike credited the high grades to hard work.


Top student Jacob Vandriel, 16, explained that his 8 in maths, 7s in English and A*s in PE and the sciences were the result of dedicated studying.


“I’m really pleased with these results, but I did have to work hard to get them,” he said.


Headteacher Mark Ansitss acknowledged this. He said: “Staff and students have worked unbelievably hard.


“It’s a relief to see all these excellent grades considering how difficult it has been for everyone with the new system in place. Our GCSE results are just as good as last year putting the college in the top percentage of the country. Considering all the changes this year that is great news.”

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