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Print award for Post journalist

A BOGNOR Regis reporter has received a generous grant from a national charity.


Post junior reporter Fiona Callingham, pictured above, attended a special awards evening at the House of Lords on July 20.


The Prints Futures Awards 2017, created by The Printing Charity, offered people aged between 18-30 grants of up to £1500 to aid them with their work in the printing industry.


Fiona, 24, received a full grant to help further her journalism training at Highbury College in Portsmouth.


For organisers, this year’s event was the most exciting to date. The Rt Hon Baroness Dean, The Printing Charity’s 2017 president, said: “The awards have gone from strength to strength.


“It renews my faith in the industry to see so many talented young people joining a very old industry but one that is now wide-ranging with modern technologies.”


Lord Black of Brentwood, the executive director of the Telegraph Media Group, agreed. “The winners are coming into an industry with a bright future. The speed of change is not only exciting but producing so many opportunities across the media sector,” he said.

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