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School’s best results

ROSIE Mitchell has become one of the first students to achieve a perfect 9 in the new numerical GCSE grades.


Rosie, 16, was among the pupils at The Regis School in Bognor Regis to gain the highest grade possible as part of its best exam results.


Her 9 came in English language and was joined by a grade 8, 3A*s, 3As, a grade 7, a B and a C. Her other top subjects included English literature, PE, history, chemistry and biology.


She said: “I’m really happy with my results. They are better than I thought, especially in English. I didn’t find the new grades hard in English because we had all the resources but in maths we were going in blind. That was difficult.”


She will be studying in the school’s sixth form on her way to a likely career in the law.


Another future sixth former Harry Nash, 16, gained a 9 in maths as well as a grade 8, 1A*, 2As, a grade 7, 4Bs and a C. He said: “It feels amazing to get a 9. I didn’t expect these results. I was expecting more Bs and Cs.”


In all, five students at the school achieved a grade 9. The others were Jennifer Harmsworth (English), Louis Smith and Kasjan Paszkowski.


The new grades in English and maths are part of a government shake-up of GCSEs. But the school’s students gained its top results in the qualifications.


The top 15 academic students achieved a staggering 113 A*-A grades, including the new 7-9, between them. This helped the school’s performance at 5 A*-C, including English and maths, leap to 57 per cent.


Principal Mike Garlick said: “These best ever results are true testament to the rapid improvements made over the past few years at The Regis School.


“The recipe of great teaching and learning support, a strong focus on behaviour, and inspired, hard-working students is paying significant dividends and I am hugely proud of our successes this year.”


Other students with notable results included: Emma Warburton – a grade 8, 2A*s, 2As, 2 grade 7s, 2Bs and 2Cs;


Monica Defreitas – a grade 8, 5A*s, two grade 7s and 2Bs;


Nafsin Uddin – two grade 8s, 2A*s, 2As, a grade 6, 1B and 2Cs;


Chloe Hughes – 2A*s, three grade 7s, 3As, 2B and 1C;


Ben Hauxwell – 1A*, 4As, two grade 7s, a grade 6, 1B and 1C;


Alice Mitchell – 3A*s, 2As, a grade 7, two grade 6s, 2Bs and 1C;


Pheobe Martin – a grade 8, 3A*s, two grade 7s, 4As and 1B.


Jo Lewis, the vice principal for Year 11, said: “These results will enable our students to either join our successful sixth form or go on to have successful futures.”

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