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Brexit set to put boom into Butlin’s

HUNDREDS of thousands of tourists are helping Butlin’s to a record year in Bognor Regis.


The famous tourism company is set to build on last year’s record set of results by posting another unprecedented 12 months of success.


Next summer could see an even better set of financial results once the full Brexit effect in shrinking the value of the pound in the European Union was felt by holiday-makers.


Butlin’s spokesman Andrew French said the company believed it was too early to say if the change in exchange rates was having an influence.


“It certainly hasn’t done any harm but we think we won’t see the full extent of the effect of the exchange rate on the price of foreign holidays until next year.


“Most prices are set way before the actual trading year, so next year’s brochures will start to reflect any price increase,” he said.


“The signs are there that this is the case. Bookings for 2018 are almost 20 per cent up on what they were for 2017 at the same stage last year.”


For 2016, Butlin’s posted an annual revenue of £224.8m with a £45m profit.


It is likely the current year’s results will beat those totals.


The location of the company’s three holiday resorts and the mixture of attractions they offered was also a major factor in attracting people to stay in its three hotels in Bognor Regis and its remaining chalets, said Mr French.


“We like to think it’s more that people see we offer great value in lovely seaside location.


“When there are stories of people waiting four hours to get through customs in Europe, most UK holiday-makers can get to the seaside in their own country in far less than that,” he added.


The attractions of the Bognor Regis resort would also be increased by the opening of the £40m swimming pool in 2019 as the company’s largest single investment.

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