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‘It’s not like popping to Tesco’

BOGNOR boss Jack Pearce always has a way with words, even if the Rocks are faced with a crisis.


In more than 40 years at Nyewood Lane, the club stalwart has experienced more highs and lows than tides rolling in on the Sussex coast.


So even when full of a cold and faced with just 11 fit players, Pearce remains adamant that Bognor will come out of the latest trouble spot a stronger side.


He said: “It will test the team’s resolve and we’ll have to try and get injured players back. But whatever team we put out they will have to work together.”


The problems for the Nyewood management lie firmly at one end of the pitch with injuries meaning the Rocks have just two front men among the squad.


Pearce added: “We’ve lost our front three from the first game of the season. If you lose players like Ollie, Jimmy Muitt and Alex Parsons then it doesn’t matter who the management is.


“I defy anyone in the league to have their starting front three not available and for their team not to be affected. It’s not like you can go to Tesco and buy a player off the shelf to replenish. It doesn’t work like baked beans.”

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