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UN award for college

An AWARD recognising a school putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child into practice has been achieved at Felpham Community College.


The college is one of only 22 secondary schools to achieve the level two award in the UK.


In April, 2015, Felpham Community College successfully achieved level one and has since been visited by two Unicef representatives as part of the level two assessment.


The assessment report noted that the college is very outward-looking and has actively engaged with both the local community and wider world.


The Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) is championed through UNICEF UK. It recognises a school’s commitment to putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of its planning, policies, practices and ethos.


Michelle Kelly, senior assistant headteacher, said: “This award is absolutely fantastic. Everyone has worked really hard with both local communities and the wider global communities to achieve this. This award has helped us in celebrating equality and differences and celebrate diversity within our school.


“It feels fantastic to be one of 22 secondary schools to have achieved this award. Everyone here has been part of it, so it feels like a whole school achievement.”


Amber Hearn, 13, said: “We have spent time discussing ideas about articles to put up in school.


“One of the articles is article 24, which is about every child having the right to access to water.


“We put water fountains up around the school and placed the article above them.


“I think it’s really cool we have this award and shows our school has equality.”


Headteacher Mark Anstiss said: “In some ways this has been a lot of work in aspects, but it also has been a continuation of work across the school.


“This award and the projects have been valuable to our students in school and the wider and global community.


“The school has benefited greatly from the process. It helps to prepare the students for society and the world they are going in to.”

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