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New chapter for town’s blind lovers of books

BLIND and partially-sighted book lovers around Bognor Regis have been urged to share their liking for literature.


A new reading group for the visually impaired has been started by town-based charity 4Sight with the library.


Its first meeting last week was attended by a handful of readers. The second session has been arranged for 10am on November 24 in a second-floor room of the library in London Road. Those who go along can talk about a book they have just read and share their opinions.


Shirley Buck, the group’s leader, said: “This is a good chance for book lovers to read and discuss the books they like.


“I’ve always loved books ever since I learned to read. When I started to lose my sight because of dry age-related macular degeneration, I had to turn to the RNIB and their talking books.


“I would not be without them now. They are my lifeline. I love talking books and I love talking about books.


“This group is a place where people can exchange ideas about authors and subjects as well.”


She said she would attend 4Sight’s tech group, which met at the library yesterday, to find out more about how modern IT could help visually impaired people read more easily.


One of those at the first meeting, town centre resident Iain Lackie, 64, said: “I hope the book group gets going.


“It will be good to get a chance to talk about books as a group in the same place, rather than doing it over the phone.”


The range of equipment available allowed blind people to keep up to date with the latest bestsellers, said Mr Lackie, 64, who has retinal blastoma.

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