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Students warned over staying safe

LISTENING to music can kill you, Felpham students were told.


The use of technology like headphones, mobile phones and music devices has increased the dangers people face when they are walking and cycling.


A workshop for Felpham Community College’s Year 7 pupils raised awareness of the importance of road safety.


One of the students who attended, Freddie Chester, said: “I have just started cycling to school on my own and the roads at 8am and 3pm are always really busy. To be told that this is a key time for road accidents is scary and that 35 young people a day in the UK are in a serious road accident.


“I never use my phone or headphones but this has reminded me not to be silly and play about and to concentrate on my bike.”


Funded by West Sussex County Council, this was the fourth year running the college had taken part in the initiative.


Streetwise theatre company ran the event for the whole year group.


Through drama sketches, the actors highlighted the increased dangers young people should be aware of when walking and cycling. Students were encouraged to ask questions at the end while the cast were still in character to reinforce the message technology should not be used while people are on the move.


College curriculum leader for drama Nicole Coney said: “This production was aimed at making students realise that walking with your face fixed on a screen, or music blaring out of your headphones, is not a safe way to travel.


“We hope it got the message home to students about the importance of road safety.”

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