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Cushions to slow traffic

SPEED cushions are to be installed to slow motorists in three Felpham roads.


The decision to go ahead with the £136,000 traffic calming scheme was made by county councillors on Wednesday.


It will see 18 pairs of speed cushions go in by next April. There will be seven pairs in Downview Road, six in Outerwyke Road and five in Wroxham Way.


Felpham’s county councillor Hilary Flynn (C) said: “There were three traffic mitigation measures agreed by Felpham Parish Council, of which I am also a member, as priorities. This was number two on the list.


“When I was canvassing for the election earlier this year, nobody questioned this scheme. That’s why I am happy, as a county councillor, to support this.”


But two Felpham residents spoke out at the Joint Western Arun Area Committee, where the decision was taken, against the project.


Geoff Farrell said: “The cushions are not high enough to slow anything down.


“I don’t the scheme will be particularly effective. I think people are being misled that it will reduce speeds – and I don’t think it will. If you go up and down Downview Road, there are all sorts of humps and bumps but they don’t slow anything down.”


Amanda Drinkwater was one of seven objectors to the formal consultation for the initiative by West Sussex County Council. She told the meeting: “Nine people responded, seven against and two in support.


“It does not seem that there is community support for these proposals. Or do you assume that a ‘nil’ response signifies support?”


Peter Bradley, a county council project officer, told the committee the traffic calming was one of the projects to be funded from the £500,000 from the developers of the Site Six housing for road improvement schemes.


Three locations had already benefited from the works. The next stage was to tackle the concerns raised about speeding traffic along Downview Road.


Average traffic speeds recorded in June 2016 were 28 and 29.9mph in Downview Road and 27 and 27.6mph in Outerwyke Road. Wroxham Way was added to the roads because of fears it would be used as an alternative to Downview Road once the cushions went in.


“Proposals for an area-wide 20mph speed limit are being progressed separately,” he said. “For such a limit to be implemented in these roads, average speeds should be less than 24mph.


“Without implementation of changes such as (those) proposed, this area would not conform to the WSCC policy for requirements for a 20mph limit.”


He said the cushions’ 56mm height was aimed at striking a balance between slowing down motorists travelling too quickly and annoying everyone else.


Out of 485 leaflets given to residents, 90 were returned. Of those, 66 per cent supported the scheme, he added.

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