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Enterprising students are in good company

SETTING up small companies has helped to put Felpham students in good shape for the world of work.


The Year 10 Felpham Community College pupils were required to create firms which made paper shapes for sale.


They had to apply for a loan to buy materials and equipment and had an allocated time to sell as many shapes as possible in the Young Enterprise event.


The company with most sales and highest amount of virtual money in the bank – after they had paid back their loan with interest – won the competition.


One of them, Madison Wood-Field, 14, said: “I was the negotiator for the group and we won.


“It was great motivating the team to make decent shapes and then to barter for a good price with the shop.


“They were quite strict and turned down some of our shapes under quality control. They also short-changed us to teach us about checking our change and prices. It was a really good workshop. We were also given advice on CVs and applying for jobs and interviews.


“I want to get a Saturday job as soon as I’m 16 for extra money so this will be helpful. I want to train as a doctor after school.”


Activities undertaken by students included looking at the skills and attributes required for a successful job, preparing for an interview and managing credit and debit.


College careers co-ordinator Gill Woodman said: “This workshop gave students guidance on a number of life skills. It was good to see them problem- solving and working together.


“I hope they all went away feeling they had developed skills they could use in the future when applying for jobs and in jobs when they get them.”

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