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Plenty of tricks and treats for all at Hotham Park Rox Halloween

NIGHTMARES and terrors came true for all at the Hotham Park Rox Halloween event on Saturday.


Families flocked to the park in the afternoon for the terrifying free event.


The Bognor in Bloom Pumpkin Competition was a great success, with many entrants and three category prize winners.


ABC Nursery won best school prize with a pumpkin grown at 7.83kg.


Michael Adams aged six won the child under 11 category, with his whopper vegetable weighing in at 11.54kg.


He said: “I watered it a lot of times and looked after it. I really enjoyed growing it and I’m going to enter again next year.


“I entered last year and had the smallest pumpkin. I feel brilliant now. This is the first time I have ever won!”


Winner of the individual category with a huge pumpkin weighing 16.01kg was Megan Daymond, aged 11, from Felpham.


She said: “Grand-dad helped me and gave me guidance but I did all the work. I gave it a lot of water and some special feed. I feel excited for winning. I did enter last year and I came second. I am definitely going to enter again next year.”


The rest of Hotham Park was decorated with bewitching sights of all kinds including Boris the miniature train covered in cobwebs and scary items and a skeleton driver.


Along the journey, there were plenty of frights with smoke cannisters and ghouls and ghosts jumping out from all angles.


There was plenty to do, with lucky dips, fairground rides, live music and fairground stalls.


Ady Angelova, Bognor attended with her daughter, Yoana aged ten, and her friend Iva, aged 11, pictured bottom right.


Yoana said: ” I am dressed as a queen vampire. I bought the dress and made some bits to go with it. It’s amazing here, I have had so much fun. It’s loads better than last year.”


Iva said: “I am dressed as Harley Quinn. I love the music. Today has been so much fun. We haven’t even been on the train yet. I love dressing up too! We are going trick or treating later.”


Among the stands was a special fundraising stall held by third year primary education students from the University of Chichester.


One of the students, Laura Cockcroft, aged 20, from Buckinghamshire, said: “We are raising money for Westbourne Primary School to help build them an outdoors reading shed. The money we collect today will be used for the paint.


“We are selling popcorn hands, an ‘un’ lucky slimy dip and water transfer tattoos.


“We don’t really have a specific target in mind but we are hoping to raise as much money as possible.”


Jan and Mick Pranskus, from Bognor, took their son, Ned, aged seven, to Hotham Park before going to the Littlehampton Fireworks.


Ned, who was with his ten-year-old friend Niamh, both attend Edward Bryant School. He said: “My dad made my face make-up, I had a plastic bottle sticking out of my cheek but it’s fallen out. I liked doing the lucky dip with slime!”


Marika Kacinska and daughter, Meggie, aged ten, pictured on the front page, have been to the Halloween Rox since its first year.


Meggie said: “I am dressed as a Zombie Frankenstein. I made the face make-up myself using a zip and liquid latex.


“I think it’s really good here, it’s definitely really scary. I can’t wait for later as we are going to the Butlin’s Fireworks and trick or treating.”


Organisers also held a fancy dress costume competition by the bandstand. Overall family winners of the competition were Danny and Pat Joyce, their daughter, Myfi Oram, and her two children, Voodoo, aged two, and Emily, three.


Pat said: “It took a bit of juggling to get Danny’s headless costume just right. We started to make it about two weeks ago as we had to modify the original costume. We didn’t even realise there was a fancy dress costume, we just decided to dress up so we were really surprised to have won.


“We saw this event advertised a couple of years ago and we thought it was a really great thing to do. The kids have really been enjoying it!”

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