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Restaurant waiter is sought

AN APPEAL for help has been issued to identify a waiter in a Felpham restaurant.


Sussex Police officers said this week they would like to speak to the man, known only as Raj, pictured left, in relation to an alleged incident. They say a group of friends was in the So India restaurant in Felpham Way at a baby shower meal on the evening of September 30.


A spokesman said: “During the meal, one of them, a 28-year-old local woman, went out to the back of the restaurant for a cigarette. Police suspect this man of sexually assaulting her when she was returning to her table.


“She managed to get away and went back to her table, where one of the other people in the group took this photo. The man was said by management at the restaurant to be a casual employee and they had no record of his identity or address.” Contact or phone 101.

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