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Bognor still seek goal machine

IT’S NOT often you hear Bognor boss Jack Pearce apologising. But this past week, during his weekly chat to the Post, he was sorry for sounding like a broken record.


Every week, he says, the reflection on the previous Saturday’s match is the same.


He said: “We controlled the game at Bath for long periods, incredibly well for a team that’s desperate for points, but we are lacking when it comes to finishing off the game.”


Goals. It’s how football games are won.


But the Rocks have been lacking in this crucial category for all but the opening month of the season.


It’s an area which the Bognor boss knows he needs to improve on – although that is very much easier said than done.


He said: “There’s still more work to do and none of our problems have changed, in that we have a lack of goals in the side.


“We have been trying to address that for the last four months. The forwards are not just out there to go and get them.


“We keep trying and talking – we have been talking to two or three this week but whether they come or not is another matter. The fact is we are not as attractive a club to other people as we are to our own supporters and players.”

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