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Pupils back charity with costumes

A FORENSIC scientist, a Minion and a sufragette were among the characters who took part in a Westergate school’s charity event.


The costumes were worn by students and staff at Ormiston Six Villages Academy to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


The student winner was Georgia May-Cooper, who came dressed as the scientist to reflect the career she is seeking and she received an Amazon voucher for her excellent efforts.


The runners-up were Charlie Hobbs – a Minion to reflect his ambition to become an animator; Pacey Baker – who dressed as a film-maker/director; Finlay Glasspool – a gamekeeper; and Nathaniel Molineaux-Inglis (a scientist).


Their outfits best reflected the theme of inspiring people and aspiration for the future by representing a job they would like to do or which was related to a person who inspires them.


Some of the other career roles seen around the academy included would-be writer Chelsea O’Neill, who went as a feline character from an idea for a book, and Liam Richards, who was a boxer.


Their imaginations enabled £872 to be raised for the charity.


Umbar Sharif, the academy’s principal, said: “I’m so proud of all our students who contributed to this fantastic fundraising effort.


“They’ve all worked so hard for the day to be a success.”


The money was raised after Year 11 students, Katie Wilds and Maisie White, organised the event at the Lime Avenue academy.


For the staff, associate assistant principal drama Emma Molineaux-Inglis went dressed as sufragette Emmeline Pankhurst and associate assistant principal head of arts Daniel Munt went in as a conductor and Chris Marsh, the associate assistant principal humanities, fulfilled his ambition as a five-year-old of being a coal miner.


Just before the event, the academy was delighted by an offer from Colin Racine, owner of Collins Carpets and Flooring in Rustington, to match the donations raised by students.


He said: “This is a charity I am extremely keen to support and which carries out fantastic work in helping people living with cystic fibrosis, along with conducting vital research work to improve people’s quality of life.


“It’s wonderful that so many pupils embraced the chance to support this charity and had fun dressing up for the day.”

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