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Wine | Live well for less with these eggs-citing wines

Easter comes but once a year. Spring, apparently, is almost here and, at the moment, if you locate a Sainsbury’s store, six bottles purchased will yield a 25 per cent reduction in the final purchase price – what is there not to like about this?


Armed with this information, I duly headed towards a Sainsbury store and, with Easter Day in mind, perused the Champagne and sparkling wine section and stumbled across a La Cuvée Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne on offer at £25 and, if one of six, at a most enticing price of just £18.75!


La Cuvée is their signature Champagne, the new rebranded Brut NV using the purest grape juice. It is characterised by a Chardonnay content of 55 per cent of the blend and an extra year of ageing in the cellar on the lees which adds to the complexity.


A pale golden hue, needle-fine mousse and very fine bubbles, this Champagne is delicate, fresh and elegant with a hint of honeysuckle and the tiniest hint of marzipan and one that undoubtedly should regale your palate!


As for sparklers, the Cloudy Bay Pelorus, assuredly the Rolls-Royce of Champagne alternatives, is retailing for just £15, if one of six, and is an apéritif style of sparkling wine with lemon, hazelnut and brioche flavours to the fore – a veritable delight!


Moreover, if you wish to support the burgeoning English sparkling wine industry , might I suggest you procure a Chapel Down NV Reserve Brut Sparkling wine priced at £22, but reducing to just £15.50 , if one of six bottles, and notes of red apple, lemon grass and fresh bread should ensure a positive oenological experience!


In terms of still white wines, I decided to try a silver moki 2017 Sauvignon Blanc priced at £6.75 (£5.06 if one of six) whose table fish depicted on the label is the origin of the name. It is crisp, flavoursome with tropical fruit to the fore and good bang for your buck! I next availed myself of a 2017 Barossa Riverland Chardonnay from the well-reputed Château Tanunda which proved to be dry, full of soft fruits with mineral notes and crisp apple on the finish. Retailing for six readies (down to £4 50 if one of six), this is my bargain of the week – a wine whose taste develops pleasingly en bouche!


Two red wines then caught my eye, both priced at £12, and thus a mere £9 if one of six bottles and both are noteworthy, to say the least! The 2014 Cru Bourgeois Château Barreyres Haut – Médoc is an expressive claret with the only caveat being the need for a minimum of 90 minutes’ aeration as written in French on the reverse of the label.


Then the wine will open up, so to speak, with flavours of creamy vanilla cassis and coffee cream and an abundance of dark fruits. Grippy with a long fruity finish, this wine is drinking well, but has ageing potential and one worth keeping for a couple of years – a veritable gem!


Similarly, the 2015 D.V Catena Malbec is silky smooth, subtle and regales your taste buds with its black fruits, spiced by black pepper added to hints of vanilla culminating in a long velvety finish – heaven in a glass! Finally, for an outlay of £15 (£11.25 if one of six) the 2013 Taste the Difference Barolo has fruit notes on the nose, a dry mouth feel, strong tannins and a lingering finish and is cracking good value for a Barolo – enjoy with your Easter eggs and Happy Easter, mes amis!

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