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Activities inspire and challenge students

ADRENALINE flowed when Felpham Community College students took on a series of challenges.


The selected Years 8 and 9 pupils were pushed physically and mentally to complete the activities such as using low ropes to get across an area, country hikes and problem solving tasks.


Team work was important for all the activities and support and encouragement were vital ingredients for every task during the three days at the Lodge Hill centre in Pulborough.


Ben Mackley, one of the Year 9 students who took part, said: “I enjoyed the whole trip. It pushed us out of our comfort zone and made us develop our team work, leadership and resilience skills.


“My favourite activity was the low ropes. We all had to work together to get across and some us took the lead, including me, to help guide the team.


“Our team did the best and it was very satisfying.”


His fellow Year 9 student, Matilda Hill, said: “The hike on the first day was hard work. It was really cold but we felt accomplished when we had finished.


“I enjoyed the orienteering exercise around the grounds of Lodge Hill as we couldn’t give up.


“We had to keep working at it and going back to clues and areas to get it all completed correctly.


“It was also nice to work with students you don’t usually work with and the different year group.


“We all made new friends and the team building was good for us.”


The 61 students were chosen to become involved as part of an enrichment programme for those in the college who are most able.


Lucie Szymure, an assistant headteacher at the college, said: “The students have been fantastic and their hard work, motivation and enthusiasm has been incredible.


“We have been particularly impressed with how the students prepared the team research activity and the presentations they produced. A lot of hard work had gone into them before the trip.


“The team work across the three days with all the activities has been a real credit to the students and we are glad everyone enjoyed themselves, as well as developing skills and learning some new ones as well.”


It was her first time with the course, though the college had held several events, she added.

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