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Call for dog poo patrols

ENFORCEMENT wardens are to be asked to patrol North Bersted to start tackling selfless dog owners.


Parish councillors have called for the officials who work for Arun District Council should be out and about in a well-known hotspot for dog excrement.


They asked one of their ward councillors, Sue Bence, to urge that the site off Chalcraft Lane should be included on the wardens’ patrols.


She said: “I will ask the question. I can’t give a guarantee they will be here at any specific times.


“I walk around the streets of Bersted quite often and I see quite a lot of dog poo.


“People should be taking responsibility for their own animals – that’s the message we need to be getting across.”


She said the enforcement officers came from East Hampshire in an extended trial for Arun. The fines they levied – £80 for dog’s mess reduced to £50 if paid in ten days – paid for their work.


Parish councillors decided to wait for two month for the response from Arun before they would take a final decision about to a resident’s request to buy a dog bin for the site in an alleyway used by dog owners to from Chalcraft Lane to a field.


Debbie Holcombe, the parish council’s clerk, said the person had called for the bin because the location was frequently used as a dumping ground for plastic bags filled with dog’s mess. This created an unhealthy situation, which smelled in the summer.


Arun charges £246.55 to supply a bin and £50 to install it. There is also a £290.22 annual charge to empty it.


The parish council had also been asked by residents to provide a bin for Shripney.


Cllr David Lainchbury, chairman of the parish council’s finance and general purposes committee, said buying two bins would be a big cost.


“I’ve said before that as the finances of councils become cut then the effect of that will cascade down to our level. This is a sign of that,” he said.


“We have to be seen to do something about this. It’s an ever-present problem.


“As the population grows, and new housing comes on line, and there is added pressure on green spaces, we will get more of this.


“Arun appear to have street enforcement officers in other areas. If we want to do something about this, we must enforce it.


“It will only take one or two people to be picked up and word will get around like wildfire.”


But he said it would be unfair to buy a bin for one area and refuse the other request.


Cllr Wendy Kapp said: “This has come up before in various other places in the parish. This appears to be be more deserving.”

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