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Eyesore fear for flats plan

CONVERTING an Aldwick house into five flats would create an eyesore, councillors have decided.


They said the outline proposal for the dwelling in Princess Avenue was out of keeping with the surrounding area.


In particular, the crenellated parapet designed for the front would introduce an alien feature into the road and would harm its appearance, they agreed.


Arun District Council’s development control committee also decided last week three of the five intended flats were too small and would cause unsatisfactory living conditions.


The proposed extensions to enable the five flats to be formed would result in an over-dominant form of development, they added.


The decision followed a deferral of the plans at the committee’s previous meeting for a panel to inspect the site.


All five members of the panel voted against approving the development by Beverley Woodland.


Committee vice-chairman Cllr Phil Hitchins (C, Aldwick W) was among those on the visit. He told the committee: “We seem to have some crenellations at the top which are totally, totally out of keeping with anything else in the road.


“I fully appreciate some of the dwellings in the road have been converted to flats. I don’t think anyone would worry if these flats were fewer in number.


“But we felt five self-contained flats, with the extensions added on, were not something we would welcome.”


Cllr Barbara Oakley (C, Middleton) said: “I have given a great deal of thought to this because of the conversions that have taken place.


“But I think the design, particularly with the crenellations is so ugly and so out of place, that I am going to stick to my original decision and object to it.”


Cllr Dawn Hall (C, Pagham) said: “I do not have a problem with the house being converted to flats but I felt it would have an over-bearing impact.


“There seems to be quite a mish-mash of bits added on to the building, making it quite bulky. I am especially concerned with the over-looking of gardens to the Wessex Avenue properties.”


Mrs Woodland had told the council just before the committee meeting she had listened to the advice of planning officers before she had submitted the application.


Ten houses in the same road had been converted into flats. “Some of which are where the house has been demolished and a block of flats have now been built in their stead,” she wrote.


“The houses that have been converted are mostly down the end of the road where my house is, surrounded by other conversions.”

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