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Laughter lines session

COMEDY hopefuls were having a laugh when they attended a workshop in Bognor Regis.


The eight participants hoped to find out how to bring humour to an audience. They were guided on their mission of mirth by Angela Vick, whose brassy northern landlady Vera Sidebottom amused many audiences with her raucous Yorkshire views.


The workshop is one of several being held by the Making Theatre Gaining Skills Community Interest Company. Results with the most promise will be used by an Institute of Laughter steering group as it starts work towards staging a comedy tour around rest and care homes in the area later this year.


One of those who benefited from Angela’s advice was Bognor Regis resident Zoe Gibson, 34. She is a volunteer at the Bognor Youth and Community centre, where the workshop was held.


“This was something I felt I needed to participate in. It’s not about what you can’t do but what you can do. It will be nice to find out if I can write comedy.


“We have a real laugh when we are volunteering in the kitchen and that could make a sitcom like dinnerladies. I think it has a lot of comic potential and it would be good to see if that is true.”


She and the other potential comics got physical at the start of the two-hour workshop as Angela told them to perform various walks.


They adopted different stances to reflect trying to avoid paying back £10 to a friend, greeting a long-lost friend or swaggering their way to multi-million pound business deal.


Angela has jointly written, performed and produced a production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, called Women On The Make, as well as taking part in the Bath Comedy Group.


She said: “Nothing’s funnier than real life. Today is all about trying out ideas and looking at subjects and styles of humour.


“It’s not telling people to tell a joke because that’s not funny normally. It’s more about a situation and what people say or do say – and the pausing they put into their comments with the comedic after-thought.


“This kind of event is about giving people the confidence to think about writing.”

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