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Wine | Wine from down under is on top for good value

I DECIDED to bypass the big boys this week and opted to source wines on offer at my local Rose Green Co-Op store.


I tend to avoid the smaller stores offering 15 per cent off four wines purchased given that the original price is generally higher than in the bigger stores.


I intend to focus on three whites on offer, one under-rated Champagne and three red wines and all proving non-injurious to your wine budget!


I happened to espy a 2016 Jacob’s Creek Classic Chardonnay priced at £5.79 and selected it partly in terms of its history (Australia’s first vineyard was planted in 1822 and Jacob’s Creek began production in 1850) and noted its floral nose, pleasing medium acidity and mild oak.


This wine exceeded my expectations, being soft and well-rounded, peach and melon flavours to the fore, slightly creamy and decidedly refreshing and is an easy-drinking wine which would be ideal as an apéritif on a warm summer’s day!


The other two white wines retail at £6.99 and this offer price for the 2017 Ned Sauvignon Blanc, a single vineyard Sauvignon from highly-rated winemaker Brent Marris, is most enticing.


The Ned, named after the tallest of mountains overlooking the vineyard, sends half of its production to the UK and has been called the house wine of the chatterati.


Crisp, zesty, fruity, fresh and grassy, the Ned oozes lime and gooseberry flavours with a vestige of gunflint and is one to have in stock at home as this vintage will not disappoint!


My final white, part of the Irresistible range, was a 2016 Chardonnay from Western Australia courtesy of esteemed winemakers Larry Cherubino and Rob Merrick.


This well-crafted wine exudes orchard fruit along with creamy nuttiness, has fresh acidity and great minerality and would be an ideal accompaniment to smoked salmon or roasted white meats and is one I thoroughly commend to you!


For £18.99, the Les Pionniers Champagne Brut is a veritable gem, being creamy and complex with citrus and white apple flavours and also has biscuity notes, a hint of brioche and toast and culminates in a long dry finish – a no-brainer at this price!


Three reds then caught my attention, with a Hereford Tempranillo Malbec, on offer for just £4.99, a bargain buy from Argentina which is pleasingly unpretentious with a nice, soft texture.


I recommend opening for an hour before imbibing to fully appreciate a smooth wine bursting with lashings of youthful sweet red fruit – a decent tipple at such a low offer price!


For an outlay of just over £5, the 2016 La Chiave Montepulciano D’Abruzzo is a cheeky, soft, fruity red with chocolate tones on the nose and a spicy finish and worthy of your attention.


Finally, my last choice on offer for a mere £5.49 was that of a 2017 the Unexpected from Victoria in Australia and, as the name implies, is an unexpected blend of four grape varieties including Sagrantino, a little- known Italian grape, and this particular combination produces a mélange of blackcurrant and bright cherry with a hint of spice and violet.


Smooth and rich, this blend is eminently quaffable and a great buy at this price.


These offers almost all have durability and most last until May 22 – À bientôt mes amis!

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