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Award’s not to be sniffed at

A BUSINESSWOMAN from Bognor Regis has had her hard-work recognised with two awards.


Kelly Grant, from North Bersted, has been declared winner of the best international flexible business award and a finalist in the self-employed parent of the year in the south by the 2018 Mum Work Awards.


The mumprenueur is an independent Scentsy director and has been with the American company since it launched in the UK around seven years ago.


Scentsy is a direct selling company and international leader in home and personal fragrance. Scentsy’s flagship product line is scented, wax called Scentsy Bars. These are heated in handcrafted warmers which claim to provide a safe, personalised alternative to traditional candles.


The mum of three said: “I wanted something more than just being mum, despite it being the best thing ever but needed something for me.


“I am the founder of Team Grant Your Wishes, a group of all my Scentsy consultants. It is a community and a sense of belonging where we have family outings and fun activity days. I even arranged and paid as a surprise last year for Pinks’ Vintage Ice Cream’s Mr Whippy to come along on one of our trips. Life is too short to not embrace making magical memories.”


“Some consultants are with the team for community environment part time and others work their Scentsy business full time.


“It is amazing seeing people blossom and grow in strength and supporting and bringing worthiness to their lives.


My children even help and they get paid pocket money on my pay day to give them an understanding of earning once work.


Kelly has three children aged 16, ten and eight, and her extra ‘child’, a blue eyed husky called Rocky.


She added: “The awards were amazing, being nominated then shortlisted, then finalist to both and actually winning one. It all just overwhelmed me.


“Being a member of MNC Mumpreneur networking club is lovely. I have built amazing friendships over the years again where we support one another.


“The power in networking is strong, fun and beneficial to all businesses.


“After doing Scentsy for seven years now I would never consider doing anything else. You can choose your hours around your children’s activities and ensure you miss nothing they perform in, like many other jobs.


“My babies are only little for a while so have to cherish every moment.


I am about to go on the largest cruise ship – Symphony of the Seas, in June, all paid for as an incentive gift from Scentsy,too, which is just so exciting!”


For more information on Kelly’s Scentsy business visit:

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