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Students’ record donations set to help cancer patients

LUNG cancer patients could be given the gift of life thanks to generous Felpham Community College students.


The college’s sixth form charity committee has brought in the highest amount of donations in at least a decade from its latest charity week.


The £5,305 was split into £1,670 donations to three charities – Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation and Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice.


Jayne Bowater, voluntary chairman of Cancer Research UK’s Relay for Life Portsmouth, told students at the presentation: “This £1,600 will pay for a clinical trial into lung cancer for two months.


“Lung cancer is one of the priorities for the charity and we are targeting radiotherapy treatment, which is about trying to prevent cancer from coming back after surgery.


“It’s absolutely amazing you can fund that trial for two months.”


Tracy Bowdery, a community fundraiser for Chestnut Tree House, and BHF Sussex fundraising manager Nicky Seevaraj also spoke about the effects the students’ hard work would have on their respective causes.


Michelle Kelly, an assistant headteacher at the college, said: “This is the most charity week has raised for the past ten years. The charity committee worked really hard and the Year 7 students got very involved this year.”


The donations were presented at a ceremony in the college last week.


The charity committee members included next year’s joint chairmen Megan Balcombe and Harry Triggs.


Megan, 17, said: “It’s staggering to hear that what we have been doing can make such a difference to saving someone’s life. It’s very interesting to find out where that money is going.”


Staging charity week, which involves all the college 1,000-plus students, took a lot of work, she said.


She said: “It needs a really close-knit group of students because you have to work hard together and you need a good chairman to keep things in check.”


Harry, 16, said: “It’s definitely worthwhile holding a charity week. Raising that amount of money is amazing. It’s a really good thing to help people’s lives. We’re looking forward to next year and we will be trying to raise even more money then.”

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