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Emily is record-breaking reader

AVID reader Emily Guyomar is a one in a million pupil at a Bognor Regis school.


Emily has completed so many books in The Regis School’s Year 7 its staff have run out of awards to recognise her efforts.


She easily surpassed the diamond badge for reading 5million words this school year and her total last week stood at a massive 7,346,345 words.


School librarian Cathryn Rahaman said: “Emily has read more words than any other school pupil since we began the accelerated reading programme when we opened seven years ago.


“We are going to have to think of new awards to take account of the number of words she has read.


“We have a shelf in the library behind the counter just for books we think she will like.”


Emily, 12, read more than her fellow pupils in her middle years at neighbouring Southway Primary School.


Her reading really started to gather speed in her final year there on its accelerated reading scheme.


She has carried on her desire to complete a book overnight and has an untouchable lead at the top of The Regis School’s book reader table.


“I like being taken into another world,” said Emily. “You don’t get as much detail in, say, a computer game.


“I can spend three or four hours an evening reading a book if I don’t have revision to do.


“I like fantasy books. They’re a make believe world and they contain things that you don’t have in real life.”


Her more recent books have included Twilight, Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist.


Emily has teamed up with one of her schoolfriends to begin to write a book of their own using her experience of reading so many of them.


Mrs Rahaman said the accelerated reading scheme was based on a computer program which quizzed pupils when they had finished books.


“If they pass, it calculates how many words were in each book,” she said.


“The questions are very specific to the book. For Harry Potter, you would not be able to get them right after you had only watched the films.”


The programme has a bronze level for 250,000 words, silver for 500,000 and upwards to diamond for five million.


Three other students have reached diamond status this year.

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