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Interest rates get pupils interested

Florence Hubert, the deputy agent for the Bank of England in central southern England, covered interest rates, inflation and other matters of national importance.


She explained to the Year 10 GCSE business and Year 12 A-level business students about the central role played by the Bank in economic matters.


She said: “Students had prepared the session with their teachers. This made for a great session, with lots of interaction and team work, discussing how a change in interest rates affects us in our daily lives.”


Her visit was part of a new education programme launched by the Bank.


College curriculum leader for business and vocational studies Paul Darbyshire said: “The event was a big success and added to student’s knowledge of real life economic and banking situations.”


Jade Leeson, a Year 10 business student who attended the workshop, said: “The workshop was really interesting as the lady running it gave us lots of examples of what the Bank of England is involved in.


“Looking at interest rates and profit and loss was all relevant to what we are learning in class and it was good to be given more examples and practise how things work out.”

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