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Letter | Gender Recognition Act of 2010

Dear Sir,


I’m writing in with regards to the UK Government’s proposal to amend the Gender Recognition Act of 2010, to allow self identification for transgendered individuals, as I’m concerned people may not be aware of the potential impact this could have on women and girls’ spaces in our local community.


Not everyone will know that soon our government will be consulting with the general public before they will make a decision on whether to allow transgender people to ‘self identify’.


The aim of self identification is to allow transgendered individuals to bypass the medical diagnosis model. However, this poses a risk to women and girl’s rights to privacy, dignity, and safety.


Passing Self ID will mean a biological male can legally access any space that currently excludes men, including women’s refuges, women and girls’ changing rooms, as well as women- only swim sessions and gym classes.


This is problematic, as there is serious potential for abuse. At the moment, if you are transgender, you must acquire a medical diagnosis and a gender recognition certificate before you can access these spaces.


This cuts down on any potential abuses from those with nefarious intent, such as serious sexual offenders.


I would ask everyone who is concerned about this issue to write in to their local MP to express their concern, and also to take part in the upcoming government consultation to make their views on the issue clear.


Thain Parnell
Ashburnham Close
PO19 3NB

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