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On the right track with change in train times

RAIL passengers have welcomed the changes to their train times for Chichester and Bognor Regis.


The wholesale changes brought in by Southern Railway have brought benefits, particularly for those commuting to London.


The previous one return service from Bognor Regis to London Bridge each weekday and the single one-way only from Chichester have been replaced by two return services from both stations an hour apart on Mondays to Fridays.


Chichester city councillor and secretary and treasurer for West Sussex Rail Users’ Association, Trevor Tupper, said: “Our members are pleased to see these improvements. As for performance, the new timetable is working well.


“I have been out on Southern on most days this week and every train has been on time.


“Looking at the overall picture, every train timetabled for Chichester ran as planned and very few were more than five minutes late.


“This is a much improved performance to that experienced before and we hope it will continue.”


For the past 20 years, West Sussex Rail Users Association had been pressing for improvements in the connection with London Bridge as an alternative to London Victoria.


There have been a few other changes to the services that affect some students at the high school and the college in Chichester.
these have added a few minutes to some journey times, but have reduced others.


The Sunday service to London has changed from Chichester. It will now be routed via Horsham and the Bognor Regis service rather than Worthing. This should mean the trains were less crowded, Mr Tupper added.

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