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Raising hair miles to fund princess wigs

Two friends from Southampton and London have travelled to Chichester and Bognor Regis and raised over £700 in a combined effort of a haircut and a triathlon.


Rosie Bettles, 26, and a friend, Janine Berwick, 30, have donated 24 inches of hair between them to the Little Princess Trust.


The charity turns a 12-inch donation into a free wig for a child who has lost their hair to cancer.


It can take between seven and ten donations of hair to make just one wig, so the charity buys more hair that is the same to bulk it out, which can cost around £350.


This inspired the women to do some fundraising to accompany their hair donation and decided to take part in the Chichester triathlon last Sunday to raise £350 each ensuring a wig can be made from their hair.


Rosie said: “We have always loved having long blonde hair but recently decided it’s time to go shorter, and what better to do with the excess than donate it to the Little Princess Trust.


“I had been thinking of cutting my hair to have a change for some time and I have wanted to take part in a triathlon for some years.


“My boyfriend’s parents live in Chichester and supported us before and after the race, plus from all the south coast triathlons this was the one with the best routes and distances.


“When I realised I have enough hair to donate I decided to use the triathlon to fundraise. I mentioned what I was doing to Janine and she got inspired and decided to do it with me. I also did a bake sale at college which raised £120.


“We do like our new haircuts, although it’s taking some getting used to as we’ve both had long hair for many years. Having less hair certainly made it easier to do the triathlon.


“The triathlon was very enjoyable, the sun was shining so we had spectacular scenery on our cycle around the Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve.


“The run at the end was the hardest as our legs were very tired! We have been training hard separately, mainly focusing on swimming in our local pools and cycling in the New Forest.

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