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Tim brings a time-travelling Robin Hood to life in his big screen debut

HOLLYWOOD has come to the home of a Felpham teenager.


Tim Wagter and his friends have created a feature-length film using professional quality software and a laptop after they hired some expert help.


The teenagers’ version of Tinseltown extends to a red carpet premiere of Hoodwinked 3 This Time It’s Personal next month.


Tim and the rest of the Crazy Film Club have created the two-and-a-half hour movie in which legendary outlaw Robin Hood is catapulted into the future using a Dr Who-style time machine.


Humour, romance, friendship and ten unique songs are included in an adventure like no other.


Tim, 15, said: “I’m proud of all we have done so far. I was amazed with how the film looks – the special effects, the timing and the songs.


“This is a moment we will remember for all of our lives.


“Making an adventure film was like an adventure in real life, with its ups and downs, stresses and strains. I feel it’s going to become a magnificent success.”


His mother, music teacher Sally Wagter, 49, directed the production and it was edited using the same software as the BBC.


The film had a total budget of £1,000 and the amount belies the quality of the final product of the enchanting story.


Hoodwinked 3 will get its first showing at 3.30pm on July 15 at Bracklesham Barn, in Beech Avenue, Bracklesham Bay. Entrance is by ticket only. They cost £7.50 each from Sally on 07963 431405 or Anyone going along should take food and drink.


It is the third – and most ambitious instalment – in a series of films by Tim.


He wrote the first Hoodwinked in 2013, inspired by the Hoodwinked play by Margaret Carpenter, for his own satisfaction.


The sequel arose in 2014 and was 45 minutes long and saw Robin Hood journey into the future.


“It took an incredible amount of work but I thought it was good. But I wanted to make a new film and I came up with a more complicated plot with an unexpected twist,” said Tim, of Uppark Way. “I wanted to take Robin Hood to a different level, where he wins the heart of Maid Marian and they stop the evil plan of the Sheriff of Nottingham.”


Robin Hood and his gang are transported to the future by the Sheriff to stop them finding out he framed them for a crime.


They arrive in a century in which they don’t belong but their time machine gets stolen and they become trapped.


Robin’s affections are divided between a new woman and his friends who are desperate to get back. Will he rejoin them and will they find a new time machine?


Tim began writing on Boxing Day, 2016, and it has taken 18 months to capture his ideas on camera with the help of 19 other young people and three adult actors.


He hired a videographer and three professional quality cameras with microphones and a boom stick to achieve a quality finished product.


Among those who joined the Crazy Film Club after he advertised for actors on social media and in drama groups was aspiring actor Jake Christopher, 16.


He has appeared on stage at the Chichester Festival Theatre in 40 Years On as well as in school productions.


He said: “One of the big reasons I joined was because of the friendship involved. We are all passionate about the arts.


“And some of the best films, like the Blair Witch Project, show that you can make a good movie with very little equipment.”


Another Crazy Film Club member is Finlay Rolfe, 14. He said: “I love cameras and doing anything with them.


“There was a real sense of friendship and a close-knit crew. It was a real learning curve for me. I’ve not done anything like this before. I’m very much looking forward to the premiere.”


The full cast list is: Tim Wagter, Naomie Whitehead, Steven Hughes, William Wreford, Jake Christopher, Kim Turner, Jorja Riley, Elise Williams, Anita Murfin, Jonny Chambers, Lizzie Timmins, Alex Timmins, Stanley Bolicenco, Julianne Jessett, Adele Dillon, Jacob Blazdell, Frances Northcott, Charley Dummer, Sam Hughes and Troy Hiron with adults Denise Chambers, Richard Long and Sarah Higbee.

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