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Tip queue warning over more houses

A WARNING has been given that more homes in North Bersted will lead to bigger queues at the area’s waste tip.


Bersted parish councillor Chris Barratt said he feared queues stretching back on to the A29 on three midweek days at the site on the Arun Business Park this month would get worse if the planned 2,500 homes were agreed.


“If all these houses go ahead, the tip will not be able to cope, Planning needs to be looking at this now,” he told June’s Bersted Parish Council meeting.


“If they wait until these houses are agreed, it’s going to be too late. It’s the capacity of the site more than anything.”


Going to the Chichester site on the A259 instead took him 90 minutes.


Cllr Hugh Carey said the problem with the waste site was the two-day closure brought in by West Sussex County Council which had pushed all the demand on to the other days. The situation could deter firms from opening.


“We need to provide jobs for youngsters, not having businesses turned away.”


But Cllr David Edwards, the county councillor for Bersted, said: “This is not a new thing.


“These queues have been going on forever. When the sun comes out, everyone does their gardening and heads to the tip.”


A request to consider moving the site further north is being put forward by Bognor Regis Town Council.


Cllr Steve Goodheart asked last week’s Joint Western Arun Area Committee if the matter could be placed on a future agenda.


The potential location was along the A29 close to the Bognor Regis relief road.


“The town council would like to know how that can become part of the agenda for future meetings,” he said.


District councillor John Charles, who chaired the meeting, said: “The town council needs to contact its representative, who is Cllr Adam Cunard, and he can get it put on the agenda.”

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