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Backing for school

DELIGHTED fundraisers at a Bognor Regis cultural hub have beaten their target in less than a month.


Sasha and Nina Levtov succeeded in bringing in £8,640 – or £375.65 a day – to ensure fittings in the Regis School of Music are updated. Inna Erskine, the school’s administrator, said the project began with just 57 days to raise the money. It was achieved with 34 days still to go.


The final donation was made by the Esmee Fairburn Community Fund on SpaceHive last Friday with £1,850.


“We are completely overwhelmed by the community support our project has attracted and are so warmed by the goodwill that our establishment has generated since it began in 1994 and moved to Sudley Road in 1996.


“Work is scheduled to begin on August 13 in order so that it can be carried out during the summer holidays while there are fewer users of the building.


“It should be completed in time for the school’s 23rd season, which launches in September,” said Mrs Erskine.


“This is the first of a three-phase renovations project. The next phase to launch on completion of these works will be to address the building’s re-wiring, and the re-decorating that this work then necessitates. The final phase will then be renovations of the beautiful parquet flooring and flag stones in the foyer.”

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