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Letter | J.D. Weston



In the near future, Arun District Council will vote on two planning applications hoping to build upwards of 500 houses on fields to the west of Pagham Road, Pagham.


These fields are prime agricultural land and serve as a buffer between Pagham village and the very nearby Pagham Harbour nature reserve.


Pagham Harbour is no ordinary nature reserve. It is of international scientific importance and thousands of people visit every year.


Professional organisations such as the RSPB, Sussex Ornithological Society, Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England – along with hundreds of local people – have all objected to these applications.


Pagham Harbour is a rare natural asset and, surely, a jewel in the Arun district crown.


Why then would Arun consider such a large development so close to such a sensitive site and in the face of so much professional and heartfelt objection?


If these developments go ahead, the damage will be done. There is no going back.


There is considerable local concern that Arun appear to give more credit to the lure of the developers’ fools’ gold than the informed views of local residents and agencies.


It is not too late to object to these two planning applications. They are numbered P/140/16/OUT and P/25/17/OUT.


Objections should be sent to the Planning Officer at Arun District Council, Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, BN17 5LF.


J.D. Weston
Church Lane

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