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On behalf of myself, local war hero John Seal, and his extended family, I would like to extend sincere thanks to the local community, the local newspapers, our extraordinary caregivers, and everyone across the nation for the tremendous support showed in trying to track down the war medals that were stolen from John’s home in Chichester last weekend.


Our client, John Seal, 98, had his five Second World War medals stolen in a burglary on the night of June 23. The medals were an African star, Italy Star, two end of World War Two medals and a Battle of Britain medal.


Two of our caregivers, Sharon Gregory and Dave Pearce, went above and beyond their call of duty to support of John, pictured below, and I am so proud of them and how they handled themselves in this unfortunate situation. We hire staff at Home Instead Senior Care based on their desire to care, and we are extremely lucky to have such passionate and selfless people on our team.


Sharon said of the ordeal: “As soon as I turned up in the morning, I knew something wasn’t right. The most important thing in all of this is that John wasn’t harmed, but it is a tragedy that someone would target him in this manner.


“I have come to know John and his family very well over the past two years, and he is one of the loveliest people I know. I always enjoy my time with him, and we have all been overwhelmed with the national support since the story went viral. We would love for John to get his medals back.”


Dave, another one of John’s regular caregivers, stayed two nights after the break-in for no pay of his own accord, just to give John the comfort and reassurance that someone was there with him.


Dave didn’t want John to be alone after the burglary.


He treats his clients as if they were his own parents, and he hopes he was able to put John and his family at ease, knowing that someone was there with him after dark.


John’s nephew, also called Jon, posted an appeal on Facebook which has been shared more than 70,000 times. One medal collector has even presented Mr Seal with a replacement set of the British medals. John’s family has been amazed by the support and it has restored their faith in human nature.


Simon McGee
owner of Home Instead Senior Care in Chichester

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