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Rocks looking to the future

Rebuilding a squad from scratch every season is never an easy thing to do.


But, after 40 years of pulling teams together in a mad few summer weeks, Jack Pearce knows a thing or too about assembling a side that can tackle a full season of fixtures.


Central to the Bognor manager’s philosophy is always keeping a core of the previous year’s side together.


A few older heads are added before filling out the remaining of the spaces with young, hungry players who have plenty to prove.


One avenue that remains open to Pearce is Chichester College, where former first team coach Darin Killpartrick is head of football and remains committed to his students forming the Bognor under-19s side.


Then there are those who have been released by football league clubs, with Chad Field, Jimmy Muitt and Calvin Davies coming to Nyewood via this route in previous years.


These players tend to want to wait for the best offer to come along – which means it is normally only a few days before the season starts before the squad is finalised.


While it may be late in the day, the approach does deliver quality. And with that usually comes results, which is what all fans want.

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