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Aldwick veterans go on pilgrimage

ARMED forces veterans from Aldwick are taking part in a pilgrimage of remembrance next week.


Nigel Ede and Terry Mullings are to join thousands of others travelling to Europe to take part in the Royal British Legion event.


The occasion, known as Great Pilgrimage 90, takes place between this Sunday and next Thursday and will be one of the largest in the charity’s history.


It marks 90 years since the original Royal British Legion pilgrimage on which 11,000 First World War veterans and war widows visited the battlefields of the Somme in France and Ypres in Belgium, a decade after the conflict ended.


Legion members Mr Ede and Mr Mullins will represent the Legion’s Aldwick & District branch as its standard bearer and wreath layer.


Vic Bellamy, of the branch, said: “Great Pilgrimage 90 is a unique opportunity for the Legion community to come together and bear our standards along the same route in Ypres taken 90 years earlier by the veterans and widows of the First World War.


“The Aldwick & District branch looks forward to proudly representing Aldwick and district at the event.”


Mr Ede and Mr Mullins will tour some of the same battlefields and cemeteries visited by those on the 1928 pilgrimage before they march along the original route through Ypres to the Menin Gate next Wednesday bearing their standard and wreath.


They will join more than 2,200 other Legion representatives and dignitaries such as civic and military guests from the UK, Commonwealth and northern Europe. Once at the Menin Gate, Mr Mullings will lay the branch’s wreath.


The wreath will have a message from the community around the branch and will be on display to the public until the end of this month.

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