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I STRONGLY disagree with Cllr R Bower (East Preston) about the housing proposed in Chalcraft Lane in North Bersted.


This housing is not even needed, it will not help anyone on the housing list as the cost will be £400,000 plus. Of course, we know the developer will say some cheaper housing will be built – but not much as we all know from past projects and this will still be too expensive for local people.


There is no employment for people if they move into the area. Also, there is no infrastructure to cope with this influx.


With even more building in Pagham, the increase in vehicles will put 8,000 more vehicles on Chalcraft Lane and the surrounding area. Chalcraft Lane is gridlocked morning and evening now. Ambulances will not be able to reach patients, fire crews will not get out as they should. It will be chaos.


Cllr G Brown (Aldwick E) says all decisions are made on evidence, not speculation. Well, the evidence is 8,000 more vehicles on the road, 5,000-plus people moving into an area with no real employment, tragic loss of farmland which is needed now more than ever, no infrastructure to cater for this increase in population, and huge amounts of concrete causing more flooding and sewage back up problems which are all well known in the area. This is the evidence.


The speculation is the Church Commissioners will make huge sums of money from land sales, that are currently farmland and helping the environment.


Arun District Council will make huge sums in rates – your money which will now pay for the crazy amount spent on getting the housing plans through. The builders will make money but everyone is entitled to make a living, just not at the expense of the local people and the environment.


These decisions are being taken by people who do not even live in Bognor and certainly should not be telling us what is needed in Bersted. I think it’s time to bring democracy back and give Bognor its own council again with people elected who have a real interest in the area and local environment.


So, when the elections come next year, take care who you vote for. Make sure it’s councillors who will put residents’ wishes at the top of the list not what government and ADC want. It is also this government pushing the housing, so maybe we need some new MPs as well.


Ray Headland, Downing Close, West Meads

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