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Karen creates a sci-fi world for debut novel

WRITING her first novel was a dream for a Bognor Regis woman.


Karen McCreedy’s debut work, the science fiction story Unreachable Skies, is being published today.


Set on a world where it is normal to fly, her book tells the story of Zarda, who is an apprentice fate-see who finds she is ill-equipped to deal with the results of a plaque that has resulted in wingless hatchlings.


Efforts to fight prejudice and superstition lead to death for some and exile for others.


Zarda’s journey to understanding her role in events may lead her to abandon all tradition in order to protect her peoples’ future.


Town centre resident Karen, 58, said she came up with the imaginative ideas in her sleep.


“It’s not how I usually come up with ideas, but in this case I dreamed it up,” she said. “Or, at least, I woke one morning with the line ‘he has no wings’ in my head.


“I scribbled it down – writers should always keep a notebook handy – and began to work out the story from there.”


Karen grew up in Staffordshire and spent 20 years in London before she moved to Bognor Regis.


Her first published piece appeared in Yours magazine in 1996. She has since written articles on films and British history for magazines such as Classic Television and Best of British.


In 2009, her essay on British propaganda films of the Second World War was published in Under Fire: A Century of War Movies.


Her day jobs have included various civil service roles and office work at the University of Chichester from which she has recently retired.


She has enjoyed writing since she was in primary school but lacked confidence to submit her work for publication until recent years.


Science fiction has always been her favourite genre and was an obvious choice for her first book.


“It’s a genre I’ve always loved, right back to when I watched Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Star Trek on television as a child,” she said. “You can read – or watch – the stories as straightforward adventures in imagination, or take away clever commentaries on contemporary problems. The possibilities are endless.”


Unreachable Skies is intended to be the first instalment of a trilogy. It is published in paperback and ebook by Mirror World.


It is available at, Amazon and selected bookshops.

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