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Children enjoy summer fun

FUN-PACKED days on Bognor Regis seafront could be restored to their full timetable next year.


Requests from parents who took their children to this year’s reduced schedule of Funshine Days could lead town councillors to go back to the traditional calendar.


Kirsten Fitzpatrick, the council’s events officer, said: “The general concensus from speaking to people at the latest events is that they would like to see five sessions a week for four weeks again.


“I will make that recommendation to councillors and it will be up to them if we hold that number of sessions in 2019.”


The last Funshine activities for this summer saw bubble magic, Caribbean drumming and Caribbean dancing workshops.


The dance event was moved from the bandstand to the Regis Centre because of rain. But Ms Fitzpatrick said the days had been a big success overall.


This year’s events were reduced to three days a week for three weeks because town councillors wanted to stage a roller rink on the Place St Maur instead.


But these arrangements fell through at the last minute because the operators were unable to fulfil their obligations.


As an alternative, an extra three days of Funshine events were staged. The sessions included donkey rides, open air art and magicians.


In West Park and Avisford Park, record numbers saw the Play Ranger sessions attract hundreds of young people with their parents.


The 12 morning and afternoon sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays saw an estimated 600 families go along to the Aldwick Parish Council-funded events.


A spokesman for the playworkers said: “This event grows year on year. It is an opportunity for children to enjoy doing what they want to do when they want to do it and not being controlled by adults.


“We have had some fantastic days this summer. The first two weeks, when it was boiling hot, we had 200 people on the inflatable ring, 30 on the woodwork and 20-30 enjoying arts and crafts.”


Lisa Leggett, of Chichester, took her two children – Charlie Paice, nine, and Danny Paice, six – to a session each week.


“Everything is close together and the children can just go on and just be kids,” she said. “It’s free and it’s outside.”


Bognor Regis resident Emilia Butfield was with her son, Rhys Butfield, nine.


“These events are very good. They provide a lot of activities for children on different equipment,” she said. “My son has also made some new friends.”

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