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Community News & Views | UK’s eating disorder charity Beat is partnering with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The UK’s eating disorder charity Beat is partnering with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to provide training and peer support for parents and carers of people with eating disorders.


In the UK, 1.25 million people have an eating disorder and these illnesses cost families an average of £32,672 a year in travel expenses, lost income and other costs.


Families can provide vital support for eating disorder sufferers and guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommend family-based therapy is usually the most effective method for first treating anorexia and bulimia in young people.


Beat will run a series of two-day workshops specifically designed to help people better understand eating disorders and develop practical skills for talking to someone who is suffering. The workshops will take place throughout the autumn in Eastbourne, Chichester and Brighton.


Beat is also organising a free service that will match parents whose children have recovered from an eating disorder with other families in Sussex whose child is still in treatment and who have received support from the Sussex Children, Young People and Family Eating Disorder Service (provided by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust). Parents will be paired for six months and receive weekly telephone calls.


Kamala Persaud, Sussex Partnership’s clinical lead for the service, said: “Eating disorders continue to be a devastating mental illness, affecting not only the sufferer but their family, friends and their social life. The training is so important for professionals and families to help them understand how to identify signs of an eating disorder and how best to help young people to get referred to the specialist service and support they might need.”

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