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Health | Courgettes have the ‘cor’ factor for health

I HAD a phone call from a lovely lady today who wanted me to talk more about products farmed here in the UK to show support for the British farmers. I get lots of calls and wonderful emails weekly from my loyal followers, and I love all the different subjects people call me about, and are passionate about.


I had already made up my mind to discuss courgettes (Zucchini) in my column this week as my daughter has been sprializing (a machine that turns vegetables into noodles) them all week, to make vegetable pasta. As we speak, Britain’s courgettes are quickly reaching their deliciously sweet, nutty peaks. They’re often used to bulk out sauces and dishes like spaghetti bolognaise and lasagne, but here’s why I think courgettes should be enjoyed in their own right…


Left too long in the soil, they can grow huge and bloated with water. While these green monsters might look magnificent, the best tasting courgettes are the short, slim ones – the best things come in little packages! (I have said that my whole adult life standing at only 5ft 1in!)


If you’re trying to lose weight, then you should make the courgette number one on your shopping list. They’re super low in calories because of their high water content so you can pretty much chomp to your heart’s content (providing you don’t deep fry them!).


They may not pack the nutritional punch of other green vegetables (broccoli, kale etc.) but they do contain significant levels of potassium to control blood pressure and vitamin C to boost your immune system. The courgette’s thin dark skin is high in soluble fibre, which slows digestion and stabilises blood sugar levels – potentially getting rid of those pesky mid-afternoon sweet cravings. Soluble fibre can also prevent constipation and help with those horrible IBS symptoms so many people endure.


You can buy courgettes from most big supermarkets as well as small farmers markets (when in season). Try to buy locally sourced courgettes as supermarkets are known for shipping vegetables thousands of miles despite them being in season a few minutes down the road.


When cooking, try not to cook courgettes with too much water as they can go quite soggy. The best way to cook them is to get a good crunch. Slice them in thin chip shapes, place them on foil and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of salt, spices and herbs, then place under the grill until golden.


You can eat these as a snack, or with a salad. Alternatively, you can roast courgettes up with a selection of other vegetables to enjoy with classic meat and potatoes, or you can make Greek-style fritters on the BBQ with lots of chopped herbs such as garlic. Or you can eat them raw, and as mentioned, use a spiralizing machine to make them into spaghetti, which makes them more interesting.


When eating natural, locally in season foods, it makes you feel strong and positive. I believe the reason we get foggy, tired or demotivated is because our bodies just cannot cope with the amount of toxins we are subjected to on a daily basis through processed foods and pollution.


To learn more about gaining strength and confidence, through the mind and great nutrition, my colleague, Jemima Eames, and I are doing a day’s workshop on Saturday, September 29, at the Hilton Avisford Park Hotel in Arundel, from 10am until 4pm.


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To get this amazing deal you must book your place and pay the full fee before September 18. For those of you that read my columns regularly, you will know that I have worked with Jemima Eames for several years now. She is very experienced and incredible EFT (emotional freedom technique) practitioner, and has done many demonstrations over the years, with incredible results.


EFT helps to clear old beliefs and fears that are potentially holding you back. And, of course, my knowledge of nutrition and how to gain mental and physical strength with the best foods and super foods on the planet is essential for you to be the best you can be.


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