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Letter | David Box



Regeneration of Bognor Regis relies in part by getting feet on the ground in the town centre on Saturdays – for all of the day.


Just look at the picture of Bognor’s London Road in the window of Bonmarche on the corner of the High Street and London Road. The town was seething with people! Shops did not close!


With reference to words from West Sussex County Council that a rise in charges for parking is related to inflation/operational costs and managing parking demand.


Managing parking demand? The demand is that everyone should be able to be in Bognor on Saturday (all together) – not a restricted presence of people only able to park for one hour.


No wonder the town is dying and hotels are closing, which we need to keep. Where else are people to stay if they want to come to a place that could become the Last Resort?


Let us have completely free parking on a Saturday, except for controls on the roads around the railway station, with regard to the movement of buses. Maybe places can be found for a park and ride service.


When I was very young in the fifties, the town was full of people all day with families with their children. It was a social occasion. So, councillors put away your party hats and make every Saturday a party.


Councillors are not there to do what they think is best for Bognor. They are there to do what the people want.


Let’s not make Bognor The Last Resort.


David Box
Shelley Road
Bognor Regis

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