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Plan could include hopes for parish’s first war memorial

A POTENTIAL war memorial is among proposals included in a parish plan for Bersted.


Parish councillors have begun to discuss their aspirations for the area.


Among the initial ideas is the creation of a community garden on land next to Holy Cross Church in Chichester Road in what the council’s describes as the ‘heart of Bersted’.


The scheme was originally suggested as part of the neighbourhood plan devised by the council.


But a large range of options for the land were put forward for residents to choose from. None received overwhelming support.


Cllr David Meagher told councillors last week the site would be ideal for the area’s first war memorial.


“A war memorial there for the dead of Bersted in the Great War and the Second World War would be right next to the church,” he said.


“It would be the ideal place to put poppies and wreaths at the appropriate time of year and would be a good place for people to gather.”


Other potential ideas include an extension to the council’s Jubilee Hall and a dedicated display to the history of Bersted.

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